magento 2 setup on existing vagrant environment using browser

2015-12-22 19:54:21Damodar Bashyal


Step 1: Download and extract magento 2 enterprise edition on your project folder

Installing magento steps

Step 2: Open your local /etc/hosts file and point to your environment IP as:



How I apply Magento Patch, Suggest Yours

2015-07-12 22:39:43Damodar Bashyal


This should work on both versions of Magento "community and Enterprise".

This is how I apply patch locally:



Magento read CSV using Varien_File_Csv library

2015-04-19 22:51:04Damodar Bashyal


Read CSV into PHP array

$file = 'csv_file_to_parse_into_php_array.csv'; // full path to your csv file.