Magento 301 redirect 404 page to existing pages

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on May 20, 2014


Are you seeing a lot of 404 page reports on google webmaster tools? Then fear not, we now have free t404 to handle magento's 404 pages.

New magento extension to handle these old pages that no longer exists is now available through github repository

What does this extension support?

  1. Sometimes magento reports page not found even when page exists in multi-store magento installation. So, this extension will try to fix current store issue and reload page.
  2. It will check if requested url is product sku, then it will redirect user to correct product page.
  3. If current 404 page is displayed because the product is disabled, then it will redirect user to category page with a message to select similar product from same category.

On next versions, we will have a support for custom redirect management from url, so you can redirect to your selected pages like homepage, category page, alternate product page or even external pages and above conditions will be skipped.

Note, t404 is standalone extension, so it can work on Magento Enterprise Version, Magento Community Version and Other Magento Versions. Also this extension runs only when 404 page is loaded, so it won't affect your magento page speed.

You are welcome to fork repository, add your functionalities and request pull, so we can make this extension more powerful. If you are not a programmer, you can suggest ideas and give us proper guide to take this extension to next level.

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