Magento go live checklist

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on January 10, 2017


We are now preparing to go live with our first magento project at my current work place. So, I am trying to make a list of things that shouldn't be forgotten during and after going live.

Here are few things that I have came across so far. Suggest me below in the comment section if I missed any critical step.

Magento GO Live Checklist (Things to update, if required):


First of all backup your database and files.

Base URL

  • System > Configuration > Web

Html head

System > Configuration > Design > Html head

  • Default meta tags for each store.
  • Favicon for each store.
  • Change Default Robots to "INDEX,FOLLOW"
  • Set demo store to NO.


System > Configuration > Design > Header

  • Logo and welcome text


System > Configuration > Design > Footer

  • Copyright notice

Transactional Emails

System > Configuration > Design > Transactional Emails

  • Logo information

Contact Information

System > Configuration > General > Store Email Addresses

  • Update Name and email addresses

Store Information

System > Configuration > General > Store Information

  • Update store name, phone, country, contact address etc


Catalog > Google Sitemap

Index Management

System > Index Management
$ php shell/indexer.php reindexall

Admin URL (path)


Admin URL (custom admin domain)

  • "System->Configuration->General->Web->URL Options->Auto-redirect to Base URL" to "No"
  • "System->Configuration->Advanced->Admin->Admin Base URL->Custom Admin Path" to ""

Placeholder Images

System → Configuration → Catalog → Catalog → Product Image Placeholders

Google Analytics

System > Configuration > Sales > Google API > Google Analytics

Payment Methods

System → Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods

Shipping Methods

System → Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods

Shipping Settings

System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Settings

Update warehouse location (origin)

Cache Management

Flush Storage and enable cache


Check robots file for sitemap and index declarations

Tax Rules

System > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Tax

Sales > Tax > (manage tax rules / manage tax zones & rates)

Confirm you have correct tax rules in place.

404 Page

CMS > Pages > Manage Content

Test Data

Remove all test data: products, customers, orders etc.

Module Licenses

Prepare for any extension licence that need to be switched/change when going live with different domain.

Cron Jobs

* * * * /bin/bash /home/webuser/public_html/

Make sure you have cron job in place.

Internal Extensions

System > Configurations > Technooze Extensions > *


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