Asset Manager Extended To Combine Different CSS Files

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on March 18, 2009


Today I extended my Asset Manager to combine several css into one. As i understand, YSLOW Says there should be as less http requests as possible. So i decided to add this optional feature. For now this is controlled through MY_config file located at config folder.

This is how addition config setting looks:


New Codefight Asset Manager a codeigniter library

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on March 14, 2009


Today i wrote new asset manager for my cms by taking ideas from contributions on codeigniter. This is very useful for my cms. I am going to modify more in the future as i have time. But for now i would like to show how it works.


I have a config file called MY_config. And, i autoload this config on config/autoload.php

$autoload['config'] = array('MY_config');

Also, i autoload my new library in this file, along with other libraries as: