How to access website using SSH using PUTTY

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on March 07, 2012


This applies for CPANEL and you need to have proper rights to use SSH.

  1. Goto cpanel and click SSH/Shell Access.
  2. Click on Manage SSH Keys
  3. Click on Generate a new key
  4. Enter any key name and some secure password that comes to your mind right now.
  5. Leave rest as it is. For me it's Key Type 'DSA' and Key Size '1024'
  6. Click on Generate Key.
  7. Go back and click on 'View/Download' under Actions.
  8. Enter your password that came into your mind last time and click convert :-)
  9. Then Download Your key.
  10. Open your Putty and enter your host name (or IP address)
  11. Goto Connection / SSH / Auth
  12. Select the PPK file that you downloaded and click OPEN
  13. Enter your website FTP username.
  14. Enter 'yes' if you get warning to continue.
  15. Enter your magic password that only you know coz that came only in your mind.
  16. Congratulations! You are now logged in and can delete/remove/break whatever you like but you are requested not to do so, instead just fix things that you were supposed to.
  17. REMEMBER ALWAYS BACKUP incase you fell asleep and hit the "rm -rf *" keys and press enter with your special finger.
  18. Drinking a lot of liquid, specially water, helps you keep your mind and body calm
  19. Just smile and stretch your body parts.
  20. ..... You fill this below at comment section .....

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